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What better way to spend a Spring day!
03/07/2010, 10:39 PM
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Today was a BEEEEautiful spring day here!  The Boys played out side while Buffa did yard work, then we took the Boys for a bike ride…although Buffa & I didn’t ride…we walked! 

We have a small college right up the street from us and the kids there are on spring break, which means the parking lot is pretty empty!!  We live on a busy street that people use as a cut through so the Boys can’t ride on the street, we don’t have sidewalks on our road either AND we don’t have much of a driveway they can ride on. We LOVE going to the college parking lot!!

It was 60 degrees here today in what seems like the loooongest winter ever!!  We have spent far too much time INdoors this winter and the Boys had so much fun being crazy riding around the parking lot. 

Uncle Gearzy came by while we were there.  He is a Campus Police Officer and has HAND CUFFS!  Of course my younger Boy, Bubby, wanted to see Uncle Gearzy’s handcuffs and no one can resist the cuteness that is Bubby!!  He played with them for a few minutes then my older Boy, Bubba, wanted to see them.  Of course one would think he would just play with them for a couple of minutes and be done, but one would be wrong in thinking such a thing!!

Nope!  Bubba promptly handcuffed me to his bike!!  Yup! The little bugger was hysterically laughing…he thought he was just the funniest thing ever! 

It WAS pretty funny.  I’ve never been handcuffed before, don’t plan on it again.  Unless of course Bubba gets his silly little mitts on cuffs again!

Happy Spring Y’all!!!